Which GBA Emulator is the Best for Android?

An emulator is a software which allows you to play games in a different platform or operative system different from the original device the game was created for. Nowadays, it is very common to use emulator of old consoles in our computers. It is an easy way to play old games, because we only need a basic computer and an internet connection to download the emulator and games. A powerful computer is not necessary because old consoles, for example GameBoy work with low hardware requirements. That is why new consoles, like XBOX 360 o Play Station 3 are not very emulated.

The greatest advantage of a GBA Emulator is that you do not need the original console; instead, you can use your computer to play GBA games. After playing, you can simply close the emulator software.  The games do not need a lot of memory, so it is easy to download and save them. In the most of the cases,. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages, just in case you are considered a gamer. We mean, the essence of playing with the original console, using their slots to introduce the game and control it with the original controllers, is not the same sensation as playing in a computer with the keyboard, Nonetheless, some emulators offer additional software that enables the use of USB controllers, enhancing the gaming experience on a computer

Which GBA Emulator is the Best for Android?

The Game Boy and its other version like the Game Boy Advance have been among the most famous game consoles worldwide, with millions of units being sold world wide. Created by Nintendo in 1989, it remained on the market until 2005. Throughout its commercial time, a wide number of games were created and sold for these devices that time it was very common among gamers, there were various genres of games such as first-person shooters (FPS), adventure games, and sports simulations.

Most of the games available for Game Boy can be downloaded and installed in your emulator. As you will see, the more popular is the video game you want to download, the easier is to find it for free. To download games for Gameboy emulator is not difficult, but you have to be a bit careful. The first advice we can give you is to install an antivirus software to protect your computer from malware and other dangers.

#1) My Boy Pro APK

My Boy is one of the most popular Emulator available on Play Store but it is a paid app so you will have to Download My Boy Pro MOD from our website. We are putting this number 1 on the list because it is the best emulator which you can download right now on your android smartphone to games. This emulator is known for its fast emulation speed and high compatibility with a wide range of games

#2) John GBA

Best GBA Emulator For Android

As an emulator, John GBA offers lots of different games you can spend hours in exploring the games in this emulator. If you are a lover of adventure, racing, or puzzle games everything is pre-installed for you in John GBA. This is an light weight emulator which is easy to use.

#3) RetroArch

Best GBA Emulator For Android

This emulator is known for being multi platform because it supports GBA as well as wide range of other systems. RetroArch is the most complete emulator because there is none other app in our knowledge which allows us to enjoy this many games on android.

#4) GBA.emu

Which gba emulator is best

GBA.emu is another popular emulator which helps gamers to emulate lots of classic games from old times of the Gameboy advance with lots of customizations options for quality. In this emulator save states it also offers user friendly interface along with fast emulation speed.

#5) Pizza Boy GBA

Pizza Boy is an emulator which has really simple UI you just have to tap on three dots and load ROMs to play your game. The UI is not complex to understand what’s going on in the emulator that’s what makes it stand out from other emulators on this list. Further more Pizza Boy GBA Pro allows players to sync their accounts with Google Driver, automatically save games just like MyBoy!.


So that’s all for this article, In our opinion MyBoy Pro is the best emulator which you can Download on your android phone. If you want to try out other emulators to compare it with My Boy then you can go with any of the app on this list. We hope that you liked our list of Best GBA emulators if you think we should include any other emulator on this list then let us know in the comment box below.

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